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Catherine Earnshaw [userpic]
Reasons - Jess/Charlotte
by Catherine Earnshaw (giantessmess)
at March 26th, 2006 (06:02 pm)

Title: Reasons
Author: giantessmess
Pairing: Jessica Singleton/Charlotte Beaumont
Rating: PG-13/M
Words: 1,020
Disclaimer: Characters don't belong to me.
a/n: Looks like I've been smoking crack. My farewell gift to dear Jess.

There’s a reason Jess doesn’t drink a lot.

No, it’s not because of whatever beast alcohol supposedly unleashes – Jess is pretty sure she doesn’t have one of those – it’s more her body hating her in the morning. And throwing up. Did she throw up a lot? All she can remember is Dan holding the hair out of her face. The bartender at Cougars yelling. Then there was laughing, right? Charlotte, laughing, touching her face. No – that was later, wasn’t it? Later.

And there it is – there’s the reason.

Sticky. Hot. Cold. Jess wasn’t in her own bed. This has never happened before. No, never. Was it because she was afraid of it? Was it just out of habit – no, I won’t come up just an automatic text that dribbled out of her mouth.

Her mouth. She felt it. Her mouth was sore. Her body ached. Her eyes were getting used to the light in someone else’s bedroom.

Who’s bedroom? She felt the bed beside her, and her hand came across something warm. It let out a soft noise.

My God.

It turned over, tucked an arm around her waist. Her naked waist. Their legs entangled. Heavy deep-sleep breathing. Her skin felt hot. Her heart was beating too fast. Then she felt lips, kissing the back of her neck, and she let out a noise, as something melted inside her. Until she noticed it, the soft feeling of breasts, pressing into her back.

“Morning,” a husky woman’s voice in her ear.

All of her breath left her.

“Morn-” she could taste it on her mouth, something. “Morning.”

She turned around. Charlotte was smiling at her, hair dishevelled, skin glowing with a sheen of sweat.

“I think we drank…a lot.”

Jess was incapable of finding words.

“Hey,” Charlotte stroked her cheek. “Are you ok?”

“Fine,” Jess managed. Blinking back images of Charlotte, kissing her breasts. Charlotte, between her legs. Charlotte’s breasts. Charlotte’s body. She blushed, meeting the other woman’s eyes.

“Jess…” it was strange, the way Charlotte looked at her. “You were…I mean, you are…”

“I…I don’t….” she struggled, nervously. “Charlotte, I-”

Charlotte kissed her. Gently, because her lips were sore, it felt familiar. It felt…. Jess was kissing back. She was kissing Charlotte. She put her arms around her. Charlotte pulled away from the kiss for a moment, she sat back and smiled at Jess.

“I never thought you’d be so….” She bit her lip. “You’re a bit of a surprise.”

Jess fought a blush, as Charlotte openly appreciated her body. She was feeling increasingly hot.

“I didn’t think…” Jess mumbled. Charlotte leant forward and kissed her forehead, their breasts were touching. Jess tried to repress a sigh. She closed her eyes. She was definitely remembering something now. “I didn’t want…” But she did want. It scared her, how much she wanted to touch Charlotte. She was enjoying this too much.

Charlotte was stroking her skin, down her stomach, along her thigh.

“Jess... if you’re having regrets…we don’t have to...again…”

“Charlotte,” Jess’s eyes flickered shut, as she felt Charlotte’s fingertips pause. “Please.” She sounded so pathetic. Is that how she sounded the night before? Is that how she’d always sound?

Charlotte’s fingers stroked over her, between her legs, they stroked over and over. Jess opened her eyes, and felt it, saw the look on Charlotte’s face. Felt Charlotte’s fingers enter her, felt them move inside her. She let out a muffled cry, as the orgasm rippled through her.

She had to leave the bed. This…this kind of thing never happened to her. She never had to avoid people at work, after cheap one night stands. She’d never thought of Charlotte like that. She wasn’t…like that. But now all she could do was think of Charlotte’s hands. Charlotte, naked. Her hands shook as she struggled to put her clothes on. They were scattered around the hallway.


She stiffened at Charlotte’s voice behind her.

“Look, Jess…Jess would you just look at me?”

Jess complied, shakily. Her eyes fell on Charlotte, wrapped in a sheet.

“Listen…we can leave this here, ok. I mean it. I mean, we were both really wasted…”

Though they hadn’t been right then. They weren’t now, when Jess couldn’t take her eyes off the line of Charlotte’s breasts through the fabric.

“I can’t find my…underwear…” Jess mumbled, turning around.

“Please Jess, don’t – don’t freak out.” Charlotte walked towards her.

“I can’t…get dressed with you watching me.”

“Oh.” Charlotte didn’t appear to be moving. “Right.” She turned around.

Jess made a frustrated noise. “You’re just gonna stand there?”

“I turned around, what else can I do?”


“What do you want from me, Jess?” Charlotte shuffled over to her, still gripping the sheets. She bent down and retrieved something, Jess had a perfect view of her breasts as the covers fell forward.

“Here – here’s your bloody undies.” She chucked them at Jess. When Jess seemed frozen on the spot she unwrapped the sheet from around herself, and carefully covered Jess up with it.

“Look, you’re welcome to stay.”

Jess was trying not to look at her, though she knew Charlotte was naked, standing achingly close, naked.

“I’m straight.”

Charlotte nodded. “That’s fine.”

Jess risked a look at her, and her face betrayed her by going red.

“I don’t do this…I don’t do…I don’t.” she was shaking her head. “I have to go, ok? I have to-”

Mortified, she tried to keep the sheet covering her, grabbing at all of her clothes. She searched for a bathroom.

“Down the hall back there a bit,” Charlotte called after her.

Dressing hurriedly, she walked past Charlotte on the way to the front door. Charlotte had thrown some clothes on, but they still managed to make her look gorgeous….sexy. She brushed her messy hair out of her eyes.

“Seeya,” Charlotte nodded towards the door. “I’m not going to apologise.”

“I didn’t expect you to,” Jess snapped.

She didn’t have a thing for Charlotte, despite what a night’s worth of drinking amounted to. Despite the way Charlotte looked, curled up on her couch, lips dry from kissing her.

Jess was never going to drink again.


Posted by: AJ (jaguar7482)
Posted at: March 26th, 2006 07:35 am (UTC)

You know...

I did not expect to like this at all... cos I cannot stand Jess.

But, hey I liked it...

and I LOVED the ending. The way that line summed it all up, and perhaps the fact we all say that at one point in our lives, and still go back to drinking.... DAYAM!

Well done.

Posted by: Catherine Earnshaw (giantessmess)
Posted at: March 26th, 2006 07:48 am (UTC)
Re: wowsers
Jess vs Natalie

thank you ;) I figured blind-drunk (or thereabouts) was the only way this would ever conceivably happen. Pity.

I have a secret crush on Jess, even though occasionally I want to disown the little cow. What can I say? - Her awkwardness is cute.

Just be glad I'm busy, and have to limit my procrastination activities, otherwise I'd be writing Charlotte/Deanna, just to see if I can.

Posted by: AJ (jaguar7482)
Posted at: March 26th, 2006 08:25 am (UTC)
Re: wowsers

Now that is an idea!!!!!

I know Deanna is completely evil... but I like that.... mainly cos its such an opposite from the actresses last role i remember as Gabrielle in Secret Life....

Posted by: AJ (jaguar7482)
Posted at: March 26th, 2006 08:26 am (UTC)
Re: wowsers

hahah perhaps it would actually have to be charlotte/deanna/jack


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