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Catherine Earnshaw [userpic]
Something Ordinary (part 2) Cate/Charlotte
by Catherine Earnshaw (giantessmess)
at February 10th, 2006 (10:18 am)

Title: Something Ordinary (part 2)
Author: giantessmess
Rating: M
Pairing: Cate/Charlotte
Disclaimer: Don't own them. No profit being made.
Words: 1779
Summery/info: Nelson's wedding goes horribly wrong and Cate doesn't want to think about Charlotte.

Cate felt self-conscious in her outfit for the wedding. It didn’t suit her build, and revealed her in all the worst places, showing off her broad shoulders; the fact that she had muscles. And even though she was more than competent in heels, she wasn’t sure how to stride in these things. Of course, Jess had swooned over the outfit, in the shop.

“Oh, Cate! It’s wonderful. Isn’t the whole thing wonderful?”

But Jess went ga-ga over anything to do with weddings, so Cate could easily have looked like shit, and Jess wouldn’t have even noticed.

“Yeah, sure,” Cate mumbled. “It’s great.”

“Nelson’s so lucky!”

She’d worn it back to Emergency, and entirely forgotten about it, in the shock of everything else. Nelson, slumped down on the ground, refusing to let go of Kerry’s bloodied nightgown. The sound of the equipment, trying and then failing to save her.

Charlotte paused when she came across Cate working in the dress. Cate could have sworn Charlotte’s gaze lingered on her, for a few moments too long. The sweat had gathered on her exposed skin. She immediately changed into some dull clothes, from her locker. But a guilty look passed between the two of them anyway, before they both turned away.

She found Charlotte at Cougars after the shift, drinking alone. She was surprised no one else was there with her. But like Cate, they probably didn’t know what to do with themselves.

“Such a bloody arsehole,” Charlotte muttered, gulping down her drink and ordering another one. Cate paused, before sitting down next to her.

Charlotte looked mortified when she saw her. “Cate? God, I didn’t mean you...I meant...”

“It’s alright.”

Charlotte let out a breath, “Shit.”

Cate shook her head. “I really can’t believe this.”

“Yep,” Charlotte nodded, frowning. “The world’s going to hell.”

“I just…” Cate didn’t know what to say.

“They found Nelson. I mean, they caught up with him.” Charlotte looked on gratefully, as the bartender slid over another drink. She gulped it.

“Where is he?” Cate murmured.

“Von…she’s with him, apparently. Cops asking lots of questions.” She shook her head, when she realised. “God….you think there’ll be a funeral, in the next week or so?”

“I don’t know…I guess.” Cate sighed and ordered a beer. “The world’s so messed up.”

“Yeah,” Charlotte muttered. Then she paused and looked at Cate strangely. “You broke up with him, didn’t you?”

“Who?” Cate blinked. “Vincent?”

“I heard you did…” Charlotte shook her head. “In the middle of it all, can you imagine it?”

Cate knew she was giving Charlotte a strange look. “What? In the middle of what?”

Charlotte sighed. She’d finished her drink already. “Right in the middle of it all, Nelson’s falling to pieces, ok? Just…going bloody nuts over it. And Vincent? He just…”

“I was there,” Cate interrupted, feeling irritated. “Charlotte, he did all he could.”

Charlotte just bit her lip and looked at Cate, then she glared back down at her empty glass. “I think I need another one of these.”

“My shout, ok?” Cate tried to meet her eyes. There was something unsettling about the way that Charlotte was slumped there.

Charlotte half-nodded, but not at anything Cate could see. “He’s still in love with me, Cate.”

“What?’ Cate almost slipped off her stool.

Charlotte gave her a sympathetic look, before shrugging. “Vincent just dumped it on me, in the middle of everything else today.”

“He said he loves you?” Cate knew she was supposed to act more surprised than she was.

Charlotte snatched up her new drink. “What an arsehole.”

Cate was nodding, or maybe shaking her head. She had no idea how to respond to this, except to say, “So…this isn’t good news?”

Charlotte glared at her. “Oh, what the hell do you think?”

Cate looked away, “Ok…”

Charlotte’s voice was softer, when she spoke next. “No, it’s not bloody ok. How could he drop it on me like that?”

Cate studied her expression. Charlotte was biting the side of her lip unconsciously. Had she been crying? Maybe. Cate took a breath.

“Why are you getting drunk over this?”
Charlotte looked at her for a second, then she rolled her eyes and looked away. “Never mind. Just... leave it.”

Cate tried to grab hold of her, but she hesitated when Charlotte glared at her.

“What do you want from me, Cate?” she muttered. “I’m not the only person out drinking, you know. This isn’t the only bar in Sydney.”

Cate closed her eyes. “Charlotte, would you stop this?”

Charlotte just glared, and ordered another drink. So Cate left her all alone in that bar, not feeling at all regretful that Charlotte would be hung-over all alone in the morning.


There was a funeral in the next week. Nelson cried noiselessly, throughout a lot of the eulogy. Cate didn’t stand anywhere near Charlotte, but she could feel the doctor's miserable presence. Charlotte shot her a look every now and then, while keeping her distance from Vincent. Cate did the same. Vincent had moments where he glared at them both. A triangle of avoidance.

“I’m sorry I was in such a state, last week,” Charlotte whispered, as the guests piled away into their cars. Cate watched Von lead Nelson into the passenger seat. He waved her away, in irritation, and got in the driver’s side.

“I didn’t notice,” Cate muttered. She gave Charlotte a bitter look. “We were all in a state, last week.”

“Oh, you noticed,” Charlotte said through her teeth.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You damn well do, Cate.”

“Not here, ok?”

Jess sidled up to them, wiping her eyes.

“Poor Nelson. He’s such a mess,” she nodded to the car, Von had her hand on his shoulder, and he was closing his eyes tightly, not crying.

“Of course he is,” Charlotte snapped. “How the bloody hell would you feel?”

“God, Charlotte. Could you go easy?” Cate narrowed her eyes. She could tell Jess was trying very hard not to cry. “You’re not driving, are you?”

Jess nodded tearfully, then she let out a breath that wasn’t quite a laugh. “God, I’m sorry about this. I swore I wouldn’t…”

“It’s ok, Jess,” Cate gave Charlotte a sharp look. “I’ll give you a lift to the wake. I think we’re done here.”


Nelson didn’t even turn up. And he must have convinced Von to skip the whole thing, because she wasn’t at the wake, either.

“It doesn’t seem right,” Jess was saying. Cate found herself staring at Charlotte, whose expression betrayed her utter irritation.

“Well, it’s Nelson’s call,” Charlotte snapped.

“I mean, you’d think you’d want to be there…at your own fiancée’s wake.” Jess said, slowly. “That’s what I think, anyway.”

“Christ, that isn’t thinking, Jess,” Charlotte muttered. “You can recognise actual brain activity if you know what to look for. And this isn’t it.”

Cate narrowed her eyes, but was beaten to it by Dan.

“What the hell’s your problem?” He was trying hard to look tough, and Cate felt sorry for him when Charlotte responded with a glare.

“I’m going outside.” She threw her hands up.

Cate couldn’t stop herself from following.

“You know what? You’re really making lots of friends tonight.”

“Oh, leave it, Cate,” Charlotte sat on the front step, shivering in her black dress. Black shoes. Cate tried not to look, as Charlotte crossed her legs.

“You know, you don’t have to be such a child,” she sat next to her. “Vincent hasn’t even turned up, yet.”

“He’s too busy being a selfish arsehole.”

Cate sighed, “Honestly.”

Charlotte made an irritated noise. “Did I ask you to come out here?”

“You never ask anyone for anything.” Cate fumed. “Then you act surprised when you’re falling to pieces, all by yourself.”

“Oh, what the hell would you know?” Charlotte stood up and avoided Cate’s eyes. “You barely know me, really.”

“You ever wonder why that is?”

“Cate, save the psych crap for someone who cares, ok?”

Cate sighed, and suddenly wished she’d stayed inside; wished she had the power to ignore this stupid woman. “It may surprise you,” she spat. “But I actually do care.”

Charlotte kept her distance, but she looked at Cate, involuntarily. She must have noticed something in Cate’s voice, because her mouth dropped open, a little.

“Cate?” She leant against the wall. “God, you’ve gotta be kidding.”

Cate closed her eyes, but she was half-smiling. “Charlotte…”

“No?” Charlotte let out a breath, and tilted her head back. “Christ, you’ve gotta be fucking joking.”

Cate shook her head. “Look, I haven’t even said anything.”

“No, but…” Charlotte caught her eye, and Cate could have sworn she was almost blushing. “God. Not you, too? “


“Not now. Right in the middle of this? You're as bad as Vincent…”

Charlotte smiled, as if she couldn’t figure out what else to do.

“Charlotte, I haven’t said a bloody thing.” But Cate couldn’t quite manage to look away. She couldn’t help how her eyes trailed, down Charlotte’s face, below her neckline, over the shape of her body.

Charlotte’s face coloured. “Listen, I…”

“Look, I’m not in love with you,” Cate muttered. “Ok? I just...I don’t know.”

Charlotte looked away. “Not here. Please? Nelson’s off falling apart somewhere. We’re at a bloody wake.”

“Are you dead, too Charlotte?” Cate snapped. “Are you really so dead inside?”

“I’m dead enough,” Charlotte glared. “What right do you have?”

Cate noticed that Charlotte was shaking, under all her bravado. Her hand shook, as it ran through her hair. Her legs barely held her up. Cate smiled.

“Do you know how much I think about you, Charlotte?” she said, slowly.

“Cate, don’t.”

Cate shook her head. “Don’t pretend you’ve never noticed.” She took hold of Charlotte’s arm, and draped it around her waist. She could feel Charlotte’s breath become slightly uneven. “Do you want to know why I left him?” She searched Charlotte’s face and smiled when Charlotte’s eyes widened.

“No…. What? No.”

And then Cate kissed her. Charlotte made a small noise, bringing her arm around her even tighter, breaking the kiss to press her lips to Cate’s neck, her shoulder, then she was kissing between Cate’s breasts. Cate let out a breath she didn’t realise she’d been holding.

But soon, she heard someone clearing their throat. Her eyes snapped open.

Von’s arms were crossed, and she was only half-glaring. But otherwise, she looked almost amused.

“Bloody hell.”

Cate felt Charlotte stiffen. “God, Von…I’m…sorry…I..”

Nelson pushed past them, and entered the building. But when Cate looked closely, she could have sworn that he was almost smiling.

Von narrowed her eyes, before snorting. “Next time, just get a bloody room.”


Posted by: AJ (jaguar7482)
Posted at: February 10th, 2006 03:11 am (UTC)

YAY that was enjoyable!!

Posted by: Catherine Earnshaw (giantessmess)
Posted at: February 17th, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)

thanks ;)

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: April 11th, 2006 07:47 pm (UTC)

Hey, it was really nice, you should become a writer or a director


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