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Catherine Earnshaw [userpic]
Something Ordinary (part 1) Cate/Charlotte
by Catherine Earnshaw (giantessmess)
at December 9th, 2005 (09:22 pm)

Title: Something Ordinary (part 1)
Author: giantessmess
Rating: M
Pairing: Cate/Charlotte
Words: 752
Summery/info: Cate doesn't want to think too much of Charlotte. Part two will have season final references....(yeah, I know. Why aren't I writing about Bron?)

Charlotte wasn’t anything special. Blonde hair and blue eyes? There was something dull about that combination. A confident walk. She acted as if she knew she was gorgeous.

She just looked like a woman in her mid-thirties. Older, sometimes, because of the lines around her mouth (she didn’t smoke, did she?). And those tops she wore? Tight, low-cut, revealing the tops of her breasts, unapologetically. Cate thought it was kind of sad. Like it proved how desperate Charlotte was, needing to have all the men stare at any part of her body, just as long as they stared. And Vincent. Let’s not forget him.

“You had your chance with him,” she’d snarled at Charlotte, right before the ED doctor slapped her across the face. Just like that, right where anyone could see them. Cate’s cheek had blushed red. She had to use ice, when she arrived home. But even when the swelling went down, she felt a tinge there, as if Charlotte’s hand lingered still.

Charlotte was supposed to be a lesbian. But Cate hadn’t really believed it. Secretly, she thought Charlotte had used it as an excuse to get out of her marriage. “I’m gay,” sounded so much better out loud, than, “I don’t love you.”

But then she heard all the gossip. She didn’t know how she’d missed it the first time round. The former paramedic that Charlotte had been so hung up on. And there was a bland blonde called Addy at some point, wasn’t there? Not to mention all of the other rumours. That woman at the work do. Some girl named Megan, who used to work Emergency. Cate felt like she was collecting Charlotte’s one night stands, like little pieces of dropped string. She traced over the idea of them in her head, wondering what exactly it was that made her dwell on Charlotte Beaumont so much.

Charlotte wasn’t anything interesting. And it had been too long since Cate had even thought about a woman that way. How many relationships with men had she gone through, since that thing in high school, with her best friend?

But then Charlotte glared at her from across the ward, and Cate immediately lost her resolve.

“Did you ask if the patient has any allergies?”

“Of course I did, Charlotte.”

The doctor paused, as if considering something. “Cate, you look really tired. Haven’t you been sleeping?”

Cate felt her face flush. “I’m fine. It’s this job. I’m supposed to be tired.”

“You’re not supposed to be anything.”

Cate swallowed, and looked away. What kind of Emergency doctor wore clothes like that?

It was highly inappropriate to be attracted to a woman at work. But it was even worse, if you were dating her ex-husband.

Cate felt resentful that Charlotte could do this to her. Angry at herself, because she wasn’t able to stop it. She was supposed to fall for the leading heroes… the injured ambos, the dark and brooding surgeons. She wasn’t meant to trip over herself, for some woman with two dead dogs and a list of failed relationships. She decided Charlotte was too old for her, anyway, even though she was younger than Vincent.

Cate found herself going through the motions with Dr Hughes. Kisses and long nights in his bed, pressing her lips to the dip in his shoulder. But her mind only wandered uselessly. Had he slept with Charlotte in that bed? Did he want to? Cate closed her eyes, wondering what the hell was she doing there, when all she could think about was how Charlotte’s breasts would look in that light, with her hands playing over them. How her lips would feel, there, and there… What would Charlotte look like, when she murmured her name?

She broke away.

“Is everything ok?” Vincent’s breathing was laboured. “Cate?”

“Fine.” She didn’t sound fine. He gave her a confused look. “I’m good, Vincent. Everything’s fine.”

Too much had happened between them, for her to start making the moves on Charlotte now. Cate felt like she’d gotten tangled up in some marital spat. Vincent and Charlotte seemed alternately jealous and attracted to one another, bitter and passionate and basically married still. Too bad they couldn’t have make-up sex.

The dogs, Charlotte’s infantile behaviour. Vincent’s childishness. Her own paralysing fear. There didn’t seem to be any answer for it, except to break up with him. Leave the both of them behind, and try and figure out why she was so messed up from a relationship that had barely existed.